About Eyes Mind Mouth

Welcome to Eyes, Mind, Mouth! In this blog you can find pieces that combine the things I happily spend my time doing: traveling, writing, campaigning and organising for people and planet, talking to strangers, reading and poetry.

You will find blog posts and poems on various topics in one of the three categories crucial, in my opinion, to how change happens. We need to see what is around us (eyes), draw on ideas to make sense of what we see and what we can do to change it (mind), and we need to be inspired by the many ways of making change happen (mouth).

About the Author:

Rachel (MA Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies, 2012) is a Meaningful Engagement Specialist on youth, refugees and gender, having previously trained and supported groups of activists globally for the international youth-led development agency Restless Development and in the Middle East for Amnesty International. These experiences plus her experiences of growing up in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and living in Nebraska (the US), Israel, Palestine, London (the UK) and Beirut (Lebanon) are what you can find back in her blog.

Advice, suggestions, comments, questions & constructive criticism is always welcome:


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